Dear All Those Opposed to Brandon Lloyd,

Hi Haters.

This is exactly the type of game Brandon Lloyd needed. Kept it simple. Kept it productive. Did his job and did it when it mattered. With two catches for two touchdowns in the game against the Rams, is everyone still thinking he was a terrible investment?

People need to stop thinking that he is a deep threat, spread the field vertically kind of receiver. Because he's not. I know everyone wants to think that he is Randy Moss and a fly route every down receiver. But he isn't.

I see him more as a Demaryius Thomas type receiver. While watching the Broncos romp the Saints last night I heard one of those bozo commentators actually say something intelligent: "If he is able to read the coverage as well as learn all of Peyton's coverage and audible signals; watch out because he will be elite."

That's exactly where Brandon Lloyd needs to get.

He is not yet an advanced route runner. He had guys like Tebow and Bradford/Warner throwing him the ball so all he had to worry about was knowing his place on the field. Tebow couldn't make an audible if he tried. Warner, as experienced as he was, didn't make many on the field changes as Brady likes to.

But once Lloyd learns, watch out because this guy could be elite.

iedlund 10/29/2012 08:19:00 PM Edit

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