Manning vs Brady... But Not As You Know It. provide some pretty awesome articles on various items. One of my favourite writers on there is Albert Breer. A while back, I posted his article on Tom Brady and his claim to the "best QB ever" title on this site. And after reading his latest article, we have another gem on our hands.

It's a twist ahead of the New England Patriots clash with the Denver Broncos this Sunday. Most people (myself included) have been focusing on Round 13 of Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning, however here we get a chat with two different Manning's and Brady's: Archie and Tom Sr., the QB's fathers.

Both these guys love the rivalry these two guys have created. As my colleague Mike pointed out, this is not a rivalry based on dislike of each other. This is a rivalry based on two guys being great football players on great football teams. And the respect these guys have for each other appeals a lot to their dads. Archie even says he's "proud" of Tom as well as Peyton (He might not have said this if Brady wins the 2006 AFC title game and those two Super Bowls, but that's beside the point...).

Either way, this is a great read, so check it out here!

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