Tom Brady and Peyton Manning: Best of friends?
Manning told reporters Wednesday that his one-time nemesis gave him regular support during his recovery from neck surgeries last season.

"He plays for another team, and he reached out to me and said, 'Hey, anything I can do to help the rehab, miss seeing you out there,' " Manning said, according to The Denver Post. "When you're injured, and you're not out there playing, you kind of find out who's with you and who's not. Tom consistently throughout the season would check in with me.

"I appreciate that. It says a lot."

I honestly don't know where the Brady-Manning rivalry comes from. It's certainly not from these two players.

I've always hated the Colts while Manning was there, don't get me wrong. There was most definitely a Colts-Patriots rivalry. The two teams played each other every year, the wins and losses went back and forth, the two teams didn't like each other but more so, the fans didn't like each other. But a Manning-Brady rivalry?

I don't know who many times stories like the one above have to come out. Every time Tom Brady plays Manning he talks about their friendship, how he looks up to him. Peyton Manning does the same. I'm not talking every once in awhile, I'm talking every year this goes on.

This isn't a Brady vs Revis or Suggs sort of deal, there is mutual respect and admiration. No hate. Zero. None.

The NFL article above acts so disgusted that the two don't hate each other. Where has that writer been for the last 10 years? This news isn't new.

Patriots fans might hate Peyton Manning, but Tom Brady doesn't feel the same way. Deal with it.