Tebow is really good...

On the special units squad. Mark Sanchez recently stated that "Tebow has been great on special teams and doing some of the Wildcat stuff."

Oh has he Mark? That's good to hear. You'll probably be saying the same thing later this season when you've led your team down the shitter, except instead of complimenting his special teams play you'll be complimenting his capability to win games for your team. You definitely are't crapping your pants thinking that at any moment he could take your job. You must think that throwing for 82 yards in an entire game is the makings of an elite quarterback too, right? Cool story bro.

I think it's been Tebow time in New York for a few weeks now. I understand money wise, confidence wise, and gameplan wise it just doesn't make sense for the Jets. Doesn't matter. Tebow finds his own magical way to win football games. Plain and simple he's a football player. Sanchez is a GQ model (although not as good as Brady).