Calvin Pace says Patriots offense is "borderline illegal"
"It's borderline illegal because sometimes the guys aren't always set when they snap the ball," Pace said Wednesday, via Rich Cimini of "But it's smart. Why not hurry a team up? I wish we would do it. For a defense, it just puts pressure on you."

What? Are the Jets accusing the Patriots of cheating again?

Though the Broncos complained about this a little too after the Patriots unleashed their super fast no huddle on them.

Do the Patriots not get set when they go so fast? You be the judge. Here's a video of them running it vs Denver.

The Pats didn't run their speedy version of the no huddle much versus Seattle. Mainly that was because the Seahawks don't sub that much on defense. However, the Jets sub a lot more and one of their trademarks is how they disguise their plays. Something that's caused a lot of trouble for Tom Brady in the past.

Busting out their one word offense at home against an ailing Jets team might be exactly what this Patriots team needs to get back on track.