Tedy Bruschi on Stevan Ridley, Alfonzo Dennard

My fellow chatters, all of the questions I've been getting from you, I've come to a conclusion -- you're football educated. You're recognizing a pattern with Ridley, just like Belichick, and that's why you've been introduced Brandon Bolden, and you've continued to see Woodhead at critical times. And now you're asking about Dennard. You like what you've seen early on. But also, you're wondering why the Patriots' DBs are having trouble with the battle for the ball when it's in the air. In a way, you're answering your own question. Bill Belichick recognizes the same problems you are, which is why he continues to put in new players to see what they have, and if they can remedy some of those problems. If Dennard shows he does a better job in the air, he'll continue to play more. Just as if Ridley continues to fumble, other RBs will get playing time. It's the way Coach Belichick works. He's not only trying to find an answer to problems, but he's sending messages to players. The message is this and you've heard it at all of his news conferences: He continues to try to do what's best for the team, and if it's shaking up the personnel, he'll do that.

I love hearing what Tedy Bruschi has to say when it comes to the Patriots. He obviously has some great insight into that locker room, and particularly, Bill Belichick and his coaching style.

Two of the biggest questions for me coming out of this game were, How will Belichick react to Ridley's fumble and will Alfonzo Dennard see the field more?

Bruschi makes a great point on Belichick's coaching style, though really its kind of an obvious point I guess. He knows Ridley is fumble prone, which is why you see Woodhead and Bolden getting more carries. He also isn't blind, he sees the struggle of the Patriots DBs, and that's the reason Dennard sees more playing time.

I'm not worried about Ridley. Dennard intrigues me though. I know it was a small sample size, but honeslty, I can't remember the last time I saw a Patriots defensive back get in good position and knock down a ball, and on third down too!

These two situations bear monitoring as the season progresses.