"He's a very good player and I have a lot of respect for that defense and certainly that secondary. They play very well together. My dad taught me at a young age to play with class and respect and give my opponents respect, and certainly I have a lot of respect for the Seahawks," Brady said during his weekly appearance on Dial Global Sports' Monday Night Football pregame show.

Host Jim Gray then asked Brady if he thought Sherman was being respectful.

"My dad also told me to worry about the things that I can control and certainly not worry about the things that I can't." Brady said. "And I really don't have feelings either way toward what someone may say or think."

Didn't expect anything less, than nothing. Brady has gotten in trouble before for trash talking in the media. Kind of. They made a big deal out of things when he said he hated the Jets once.

Sherman is just the latest in a long line of defensive players to publicy hate on Tom Brady, so this is nothing new to him. If Richard Sherman thinks he's special, he's not. Hell, most of the male football watching American audience hates Tom Brady.

The only time I've ever seen Brady respond to trash talk was when he said Suggs talks alot for having only beat the Patriots once in nine years. Of course that's a little outdated.

There's not much Brady could really say here either. He may have put up a ton of yards, but he left a lot of plays on the field - and threw two to the other team. Not one of Brady's better days.

Michael Saver 10/15/2012 09:54:00 PM Edit

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