Video: The Patriots revolutionary, fast no-huddle

Greg Bedard has a fantastic article that published this morning on the Patriots no-huddle offense. It's long and I really don't think pulling a quote from it will do it justice.

Essentially, Bedard details how the Patriots are once again revolutionizing the NFL. This time, with the way they use their no huddle. That is to basically say they run it faster than ever, and its all due to using "one word" as the play call.

“Everything that happened out there we had seen on film, it was just the speed of the game. We weren’t ready for that,” Broncos linebacker Joe Mays said following the loss to New England. “We prepared for it, but when we came out on the field it surprised us a little bit.”

Indeed the Patriots were going so fast that Gronkowski even noted only the refs were holding them back. I haven't seen an NFL team move at such a quick pace before, and apparently Bill Belichick looked to the college game for inspiration.

Specifically, Bedard reports that the team met with Oregon coach Chip Kelly several times, who runs an extremely fast one word offense. An offense so fast that apparently defensive players were asking them to slow down or they were going to pass out or puke.

"Genius of the NFL, meet the genius of college football," he writes.

One of the larger points that Bedard makes is that innovation in the NFL, often comes from college football. Belichick is close with some of the greatest minds at the college level - Nick Saban, Urban Meyer and Chip Kelly.

"Belichick has learned that if it’s going on in college, then it’s coming to the NFL," writes Bedard. "That’s the talent pool, and you should accentuate the strengths and minimize the weaknesses of that talent."

The video below is of the Patriots final drive of the first half, where the Patriots ran 16 plays for 93 yards in just 5:04, according to Bedard. 11 of these plays are in the no huddle. You'll notice Simms remark towards the end on how fast the play call is coming in. The Patriots ended up failing to get a touchdown after calling time out and kicked a field goal.