What to Watch for Revisited

So, I am going to start looking back at my what to watch for's every week. I've been sick as shit, so sorry this took so long to go up. As always, follow me @CultOfBelichick

-Safety play: Safety play was spotty on Sunday. However, the person we were worried about, Tavon Wilson, appeared to play better than Patrick Chung. He did have that one play at the beginning where Demaryius Thomas burned Sterling Moore and Tavon Wilson was supposed to be his Safety over the top. Luckily, Moore bailed them both out by causing that fumble. I am starting to get hard on the #ChungSucks bandwagon and fast. I was such a huge fan when he first came up, and thought he could turn into a stud, but it just hasn't happened, and he seems to be regressing. The angles he takes are just absolutely terrible. He is such a liability back there, and it is starting to become a serious problem. He could single-handedly hold us back from the Super Bowl this year. He needs to step his shit up.

-Offensive line: can they keep it up? Offensive line has been just great ever since they got Vollmer back on a full time basis. They had some struggles earlier in the year, but have been great thus far. The loss of Waters really hasn't hurt them all that much as Wendell has performed admirably. He did have some trouble in the Baltimore game with Ngata, but honestly, who the fuck doesn't? The most impressive thing thus far has been the mobility of this line. The guards are pulling constantly, Solder is always out and about on screens. They are just straight demolishing people at the point of attack, which has led to their dominance on the ground (3rd in the league). Yes. MOTHERFUCKING 3RD IN THE LEAGUE IN RUSHING. WHAT'S GOOOOOOD NFL? (and 1st in rushing TDs)

-Brandon Lloyd v Champ Bailey. This was a hype matchup, and I hate myself for buying in to it. Read enough articles about this and they start to subliminally sneak into your brain. It was such an easy storyline for all these lazy-ass sportswriters to write. Yeah, I wrote it too, but they get paid. BOOM, rationalized. Anyway, as I did say...."The problem here for the Broncos is that even if Bailey wins this match-up, it probably will still not matter in the grand scheme of things." Yes, I am a prophet. Bailey won, (Lloyd only had 3 targets) and it didn't matter. Too bad he didn't cover Welker!

-Rob Gronkowski's health. This one was getting scary close to kickoff, but he was fine, playing every snap. He didn't have a big game or anything (4 catches 35 yards), but was solid in the run game setting the edge. I would be more angry about this, but I still won in fantasy despite his shitty output. He needs to get 100% healthy, and fast, because I do not want a repeat of last superbowl when his injury renered him innefctive. Hip injuries are definitely tough to shake, but Gronk is not human, so he should be able to get over this shortly.

-Defensive line play. The D-line played another solid game, and Rob Ninkovich has really elevated his play after a subpar start to the season. He made a great play by forcing a fumble at the end of the game to effectively clinch it. He has 11 tackles, 2 sacks and 3 forced fumbles over the past two contests. Cunningham has also really come on this year and is taking over for Kyle Love on the inside on nearly every passing down. In fact, he got more snaps in this most recent game than Love, likely due to the fact that it was out of hand early and Denver HAD to pass.