Week 7 Picks

So if you haven't noticed, I'm trying to get some articles I write to be weekly features up here. But only if you readers want them. A staple to this is the easy stuff, weekly matchups and fantasy football picks. So with the fantasy football article already up, I guess I should make my picks for this week eh?

Here are all the matchups for this week with the spreads. I'll give my input on who I like and why for every game this week.

Seattle at San Francisco: Seattle is riding the high wave and San Francisco hit the low one. This is a big divisional game in the NFC West that could have a lot of impact come playoff time. Russell Wilson is going up a real defense this week in San Francisco. I like the 49ers by 9, 21-12.

Tennessee at Buffalo: This game is a bit of a crapshoot but someone has to win right? CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson will be too much to handle and look for Mario Williams to finally have an impact game shutting down Chris Johnson in the backfield. I like Buffalo at home by 11, 28-17.

Dallas at Carolina: Dallas defense is what's going to make this game. Contain Newton and cover your assignments and this game should be a lock for the Cowboys. Should be a close one but I like Dallas by 5, 17-12.

Baltimore at Houston: Sadly I think this game is going to be a shootout. Between Houston missing Brian Cushing and Baltimore losing Webb and Lewis, these defenses are beat. Foster is going to get a lot of touches and put Houston up early, forcing Joe Flacco to go to his air game and make a comeback. But at the end of it all I like Houston by 6, 35-31.

Cleveland at Indianapolis: Woohoo Cleveland won a game! Will they be able to make it two in a row?? Um no... Cleveland can't stop an offense if it depended on it. Luck needs a bounce back game after last week's poor rookie showing. Look for a lot of air mail addressed to Regie Wayne this week. Colts by 9, 21-12

Arizona at Minnesotta: Where did A.P. go these past few weeks? He needs to be the cornerstone of that offense or else they can't be expected to win. With Skelton now at starting QB for ARizona, he's going to have his lazer sights pointed towards Larry Fitzgerald. He should have a productive game. But in the end Minnesotta will control the clock all game and end up winning by 3, 17-14.

Washington at NY Giants: Giants seem to be clicking pretty well of late. Great defense, fast and productive offense, little to no miscues. That's a scary picture to look at for rookie sensation RG3. Last year Cam Newton with his similar playing style torched the Big Blue. I think Tom Coughlin has learned his lesson. Look for the Giants to win by 10, 28-18.

Green Bay at St. Louis: Aaron Rogers > St. Louis D. Plain and simple. Going to be too much offense for Sam Bradford to dig himself out of. I like Green Bay by 17, 35-18.

New Orleans at Tampa Bay: This game may actually surprise a lot of people. Yes Drew Breese is going to put up a lot of points against the last place Buccaneers defense. But Josh Freeman, Doug Martin, and the Tampa Bay offense has exceeded a lot of peoples expectations. I still have to go with New Orleans by 13, 27-14.

NY Jets at New England: We all love this rivalry. The Jets are a tricky team to play against because of their hidden defensive schemes as well as the Tebow factor. But somebody done gone and pissed Brady off. We all know what happens after that. He comes out firing. Patriots are going to score quickly and often and won't stop until Rex Ryan just gives up. I like the Patriots by 17, 42-15.

Jacksonville at Oakland: Oakland had a good showing last week in Atlanta losing only by a last second field goal. They have a bounce back game against Jacksonville this week at home and they will want to prove that they are a team looking towards the long haul of the season. Oakland by 11, 21-10.

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati: This game boggles me. Pittsburgh does not have the team that they once had, Cincinnati has an offense that can score a lot of points, nothing I'm used to. I'm going to go with my fellow ginger in Andy Dalton to come through with the win this Sunday Night in a close one. 24-21 Cinci by 3.

Detroit at Chicago: This is another big conference game, more so for Chicago than Detroit. Last week the Lions offense got lucky. It took Stafford 3 quarters to do anything remotely productive. That can't happen if they are expecting to win in Chicago, who's defense is playing like the days of old. I like Chicago to continue rolling. 24-14 Chicago by 10.

Agree? Disagree? Just feel like calling me names? Leave you comments below or feel free to attack me on Twitter @I_Am_Edlund. Hopefully you will all be back next week to read again.
Saver's picks
Chicago over Detroit
Pittsburgh over Cincinnati
Jacksonville over Oakland
New England over New York Jets
Tampa Bay over New Orleans
Green Bay over St. Louis
Washington over New York Giants
Minnesota over Arizona
Cleveland over Indianapolis
Baltimore over Houston
Dallas over Carolina
Tennessee over Buffalo
San Francisco over Seattle
(Pre-season Picks)

Brendan's picks
SF over SEA
MIN over ARI
HOU over BAL
IND over CLE
NYG over WAS
BUF over TEN
NO over TB
GB over STL
DAL over CAR
OAK over JAC
NE over NYJ(obviously...)
PIT over CIN
CHI over DET