The Bills players can cry about how dirty he is all they want.

The fact is, Spikes it not a headhunter or a dirty player. He's a hard hitter. He doesn't lead with his head and go right for people's heads (like Meriweather did).

Spikes' idol, Dick Butkus, acknolwedges that there can still be a difference in today's game, even with the new rules.

Boston Herald:
“I would just say don’t let the rules change your style of playing or what the style of football was meant to be. It all can still be done, legally, according to what the league is saying,” Butkus said. “So I would say continue on, but avoid the real cheap shots because you don’t want to be known for that. I hit hard, and I don’t think there was anything cheap about it.”

All of that aside, let's not many any mistake here. No one is rooting for injuries in football, and no one roots for their players to hurt other players. Though our "Comments from the Other Side" section might say differently.

Best wishes to Fred Jackson in his recovery. This is one of the unfortunate realities in this game.

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Michael Saver 11/12/2012 03:49:00 PM Edit

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