Comments from the other side - 11/11 - Bills

That win was too close for comfort as the cliche goes. Most of these Patriots wins have been too close. The story continues to be that the Patriots struggled closing out games, as they let the Bills right back in this one with some horrible defense. At least they won though and you can't take that for granted. Bills fans point to the referees, and probably rightly so. However, things did even out with the officials as the Patriots had a lot of penalties called on them towards the end of the game. They all seem to despite Fitpatrick. I thought it was funny how the Bills fans called the Fitzpatrick interception before it even happened.

I put on my jersey today, my wife said "Oh, so you're a fan again?" I told her I've watched every game so far this year, she said "Yes, but you haven't worn a jersey in 3 weeks." I think it's that general hatred of the Patriots that brings it out in us.

Lets get going! Whats the over/under on how many points we'll lose by today? I say 20.

3rd and 1 into 3rd and 21. Idiots

Could you imagine how decent we could be if we had a qb who could complete a pass of more than five yards, a coaching staff that knew how to make adjustments, a team that played disciplined, and a D that played with passion?

You know this game is considerably more easy to watch knowing that we are going to lose

We never had a chance in this game and we all knew it. Why do we watch this ****?

Hahahahahaha, this team is so bad its actually funny. I love Fitzpatrick, I can't wait until he is someone else's problem.

You know it's bad when the commentators notice the refs are being paid. HORRIBLE call.

OMG! Stop whining about the refs homers. Gilmore mugged that WR in the endzone. All the moron had to do was play the ball instead of the receiver!

Congrats to Tom Brady for his 20th victory against the Buffal Shits.

3 holding calls and 2 pass interference calls on the bills already. Comon....

Barnett on welker = catch every time

This is like watching Bon Jones fight Stephen Hawking.

Bills don't belong in the same league as the Pats

easy, too easy. This Buffalo Bills Defensive Series is brought to you today by the French Army.

[RE: Yes, announcer. Scott Chandler is exactly like Gronk.]
Ha I just started laughing when he said that

So the announcers have now pointed on on 3-4 different calls how the bills got screwed

bring back the scabs

Wow, it would have been almost impossible to beat them anyway - but WTF refs?

Yea. We can never beat the patriots.. much less the patriots and the refs... Jesus

Moore on Gronk...all I can do is laugh.

Patriots LBs are almost as bad as ours in coverage, but at least they play the run.

Good thing their secondary is actually worse than ours; didn't think that was possible until today.

ALways good to see Brady's inner Marcia emerge when he gets hit!

Yes, we are playing like **** and don't deserve to be winning this game but that gives the refs no excuse to call the bull**** they have been calling. Whoever this head ref is seems like its personal every penalty he calls on us.

Is Buffalo trying to set a penalty yard record?

The offense actually looks like an NFL offense today

The refs have made some terrible PI calls. Hasn't changed the game. This pathetic D can't stop the Pats. They still would have scored on those drives. It would have just taken a little longer.

I swear, sometimes I feel Fitzpatrick has a magical imaginary friend he throws to...


You gotta be ****ing kidding me. This ****ing **** can only happen to us. God damn it i ****ing hate the ****ing pats! DAMN IT!

Between the hit on Chandler and the hit on Fitz, Spikes is quickly becoming the new Vince Wilfork for Bills fan. Just more Florida scum.

Pats are definitely rattled. Time to capitalize. And need the D to show up one more time.

Nothing like wasting timeouts because of piss poor time management.

Loving this. I hope the defense can get a BIG stop here.

Why can't these *******s ever get a big stop when they really need it?

I sense a Fitz pick

Please Fitz. Please don't throw an interception.

80 yard for a TD, plenty of time... don't force it.

Fitz pick or fumble here

Come on Donald Jones, worse than the drop is you don't get your ass up and off the field costing the team a timeout.

Can't believe I'm still watching this when it's going to be an inevitable crushing loss.

Fred Jackson came close to solidifying goat status for the game. Why oh why is the best player on offense on the bench in this situation Gailey?

Un****ing-believable. Un. ****ing. Believable. 2 minute drill, 2 timeouts, so it turns in to a fumble scrum, 2 injuries, and dropped balls. ONLY the Bills.

Fitzpatrick looks amazing today.

We need a QB

There it is, the Fitz INT.

lol. glad I don't get too excited anymore

Fitz seals it again.

That was an amazing pass. To the patriots.

and Fitzputrid cost the Bills another game.

I am so happy I checked out after they quit against the Pats back in the home game.

Can you imagine a much better QB on this team? I wonder what our record would be.

He was more than covered, it was another forced throw where Fitz determined before the snap where he was going.

I'm blaming the refs a lot here but I might have to ask how much Fitz was paid to throw the game at that point...

Why would you target Stevie, CJ, or Chandler when you have TJ Graham?

What might of been is still haunting me.