Doctors say Gronk shouldn't come back early, after getting screws in his arm

image via Boston Herald

I'm so god damn confused. This says three to six weeks, I've also heard four to six weeks, and I've also head 6-8 weeks.

Either way, Doctors recommend that Gronkowski should wait for the arm to completely heal until coming back. If he doesn't, then it could just break again. Hopefully the Patriots learn from the Hernandez thing and let Gronkowski heal. I have heard that Gronk is hopeful to come back for the 49ers game though, which would be way ahead of schedule.

According to the Herald article linked above, we're looking about six weeks for the average time it takes to fully heal. That means Gronk won't be back until the playoffs start.

Dr. Christopher Geary, an orthopedic surgeon and chief of sports medicine at Tufts Medical Center, said from watching the play, it appeared that Gronkowski fractured the arm’s ulna shaft, located at the “mid-portion” of the forearm on the same side as his pinky finger.

He’s optimistic with a recovery window of 3-6 weeks. Six weeks would put Gronk back in time for the first round of the playoffs.

“I think with six weeks. I’d be surprised — unless there was some major setback — if he wasn’t back by the playoffs,” Geary said.

“It’s his left arm. So his spike is going to be fine.”