Playmaker Ninkovich ties franchise record

Rob "The Jet-Killer" Ninkovich is having a breakout year. After failing to impress fans last year, Ninkovich is getting into the backfield and making plays at his new defensive end position, and he has been doing so all year. He continued this on Sunday in the New England Patriots blowout win against the upstart Indianapolis Colts, with 8 combined tackles, and, of course, a strip sack. This is becoming a regular occurrence, and he likes his reputation as a big playmaker, according to this this article:

 "Having the team get a lot of turnovers is one of the best things we do," he said in the locker room after the game. "Obviously there’s some things that you don’t want to give up in yardage and things like that, but when you can lead the league in turnovers, that speaks a lot for what we do on defense." 
Of course, this is a very Patriots answer. He doesn't bring up turnovers as his own doing, he doesn't praise the team too highly, but we all know he's very happy with his performance. And he can afford to be; he has now tied Mike Vrabel's 2007 forced fumble franchise record.

And there's no better time for him to break the record than on Thanksgiving night against the New York Jets. He's pretty good against them. How can forget his "rubbing it in" pick six of Mark Sanchez last season, and of course, his game winning forced fumble and recovery a few weeks ago.

Jet Killer indeed...

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