Former Patriot Brian Hoyer to audition for Steelers

According to several sources, former New England Patriots backup quarterback Brian Hoyer will workout with the Pittsburgh Steelers for Ben Roethlisberger potentially out for the rest of the season (he may return) and his backup Byron Leftwich banged up after Sunday night's Steelers loss to the Baltimore Ravens. reported Hoyer's tryout.

With Pittsburgh backup quarteback Byron Leftwich out for next week with a bum shoulder and injured ribs, CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora reported Monday the Steelers might be looking at free-agent quarterbacks. Sounds like they're looking at free-agent receivers, as well.

La Canfora confirms an ESPN report saying the Steelers will work out receiver Plaxico Burress this week, and he also reports that Pittsburgh will give former Patriots quarterback Brian Hoyer a tryout.

In the outside chance that the Steelers don't get Roethlisberger back, sign Hoyer, start him over Charlie Batch, Hoyer succeeds and the Steelers make the playoffs in the AFC, this could be interesting from a Patriots standpoint. Imagine the storyline...

"Patriots cut Brian Hoyer in favor of Ryan Mallett at backup, then Hoyer goes on to start on an AFC rival and meet up with his mentor Tom Brady in a battle for the conference!"

That's not going to happen, but it would be pretty cool if it did. Seriously though, it's good to see Hoyer could be back in the NFL full-time and may even have a chance to start. Congrats to the former Brady backup.