Aqib Talib talks about how great the Patriots are

Boston Herald:
“You just feel it walking around the atmosphere,” Talib said. “It’s a winning organization. You just feel it in the air. I’ve never been a part of an organization like this. It’s good to just feel it in the air, the confidence that’s in this building right here.”

We literally hear this every time a veteran comes to the Patriots. So, I guess it must be different than other organizations.

So, far Aqib Talib has been saying all of the right things. He had some suspect play on Sunday but made the fans happy with a big pick six. Things can not have gone better so far.

One thing the Patriots, and Talib, will have to start thinking about sooner or later is how to handle next year. Remember, the Patriots gave up that fourth rounder to basically rent Talib for the rest of the season. That was why the deal came under a ton of scrutiny.

If Talib can start to play more consistently as he gets his legs back, will it be worth it to extend him? Will he want to stay in New England?

Maybe after being here, he will. It's not uncommon that veterans that come here on a one-year deal want to come back. They respect the way the Patriots run their organization, as Talib hints at above. It's strikingly similar to the Celtics belief that once they bring someone in, they will want to stay in Boston because of the coach, the history, and the way the organization is run.

Just another reason we shouldn't take these Belichick years for granted.