New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez couldn't dodge speaking out on this incident forever. He also couldn't dodge guard Brandon Moore's buttocks on that fateful day at MetLife stadium when he was tackled by his teammate's rear causing a fumble that was then returned for a touchdown by the Patriots. This, of course, is one of the most embarrassing plays imaginable in the game of football, so it's no surprise that Sanchez hadn't publicly addressed the issue until Wednesday. Sanchez was light-hearted about it which is inspiring for all players suffering future despicable plays such as this one.

"Hopefully we’ll laugh about it later," Sanchez said. "I wasn’t hurt. I guess more stunned than anything. Just like a car accident I was like, ‘Woah, what just happened?’ Then the ball was gone, it was weird."

Weird it was. I'm not sure if I would compare it to a car accident. People compare certain things to car accidents or train wrecks because they are so awful but you can't look away. This one is different because it's not difficult at all to keep looking, and nobody got hurt. I could watch that play 316,000 times and laugh every single viewing.

Who knows, maybe Sanchez accepts that this happened, turns the embarrassment into positive energy and comes back better than ever. "Better" obviously still wouldn't be too great but something like this could potentially light a fire under his ass. At least he would be associating with his own ass rather than his offensive lineman's.

James Bucklin 11/29/2012 01:18:00 PM Edit

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