McCourty feeds into the safety talk

ESPN - Boston
"It's cool, it's different. You get used to it, seeing more of the field," McCourty said. "I think you have more responsibility since you have a viewpoint to let everyone else know. I know when you're playing corner, it's not as easy to see the different things that you see on film when you're just on that side of the field. I try to just communicate and let guys know if I see anything from film study that might happen."

When asked what has made the position switch a smooth one so far, McCourty cited communication with his teammates.

"I have a good knowledge of, especially for our corners what they're doing," he continued. "I think a little bit of that helps me, I can say things and they're being communicated and let them know I'm on the same page as them, I think helps them out a lot. Just my experience at corner, I think helps me out with that aspect. And then just going out there playing and listening to the guys that have been playing safety when they're trying to help me out. I think a lot of us is just working together and trying to improve."
"I truly suck"
So, I wrote on Monday about how we SHOULD move McCourty to safety, and now it appears Devin McCourty, an avid reader of PatriotsLife (well I don't know that for sure, but let's be honest, we all know) is putting his hat in the ring for the vacated safety spot.

Now, I know what you are all saying, "the safety spot hasn't been vacated, we have Chung coming back!"

HA. I spit-in-your-face (french accent).

Chung has taken over Tracy White's throne as my current Most Hated Patriot. Dude straight sucks. He consistently blows, then has a sick game, and everyone somehow blacks out during the bad games, and blames McCourty for Chung sucking, when in reality, it is all just a function of Chung just gargling dick.

The angles, the lack of wrapping up, the lack of big plays, the balls getting thrown right over his head. Wait, when did this blog become a Fuck Chung blog? Oh well, Chung sucks, GTFO my team you little bitch. If we bring him back, I'll be pissed. As always, follow me @CultOfBelichick