Patriots chances at NFL Honors: Will Chandler Jones win DROTY?

The halfway point of the season is here, and with no New England Patriots game to look forward to, we might as well preview something else. So, I’ll be taking a look at the end of season NFL Honors. I’ve gone through all of the AP awards, and looking at the chances of Patriots picking up awards, hopefully just before a Super Bowl appearance in NOLA...

Last Year’s Winner: Aaron Rodgers
Patriots Candidate: Tom Brady

If Brady plays like he did against the St. Louis Rams for the rest of year, and finishes the season 12-4 or above, he’s well in with a shot of this award. However, if Matt Ryan keeps the Atlanta Falcons unbeaten, there’s no way Ryan doesn’t get this. Another candidate is Eli Manning, who has led his team to 6-2, and is at the top of a lot of passing charts, as well as some clutch performances.

Predicted Winner: Eli Manning – New York Giants
Our Writers Also Suggest: Matt Ryan- Atlanta Falcons

Coach Of The Year
Last Year’s Winner: Jim Harbaugh
Patriots Candidate: Bill Belichick

Bill’s shot at this award is… Slim. Tough losses against the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks are definitely holding him back. My main candidates include Lovie Smith, taking the Chicago Bears past the Green Bay Packers and into a clear lead in the NFC North, and a potential bye in the playoffs, Mike Smith of the Falcons, who are currently unbeaten, and Gary Kubiak, who looks certain of taking the Houston Texans to the 1st seed of the AFC.

Predicted Winner: Mike Smith – Atlanta Falcons
Our Writers Also Suggest: Lovie Smith- Chicago Bears

Offensive Player Of The Year
Last Year’s Winner: Drew Brees
Patriots Candidate: Tom Brady

MVP? Not so likely. Offensive player of the year? Now we’re talking. I also considered Stevan Ridley and Wes Welker, but the man who conducts the best offense in the NFL has to be in with a shout of this award. RGIII, Brees and Arian Foster are up there. But the leader of the #1 offense has to win here.

Predicted Winner: Tom Brady – New England Patriots
Our Writers Also Suggest: Arian Foster- Houston Texans

Defensive Player Of The Year
Last Year’s Winner: Terrell Suggs
Patriots Candidate: Chandler Jones

Jones has 6 sacks and 3 forced fumbles, and has generally caused left tackles havoc all year long. However, he doesn’t have a shot at this one. Only Clay Matthews can compete with the guy I have winning this. And still he doesn’t have a shot. Only J.J. Watt can win this one, unless things go horribly wrong in the rest of the year.

Predicted Winner: J.J. Watt – Houston Texans

Comeback Player Of The Year
Last Year’s Winner: Matthew Stafford
Patriots Candidate: Devin McCourty

Seeing as I’m listing a Patriots player for every category, I had to put one down. I went with Devin after a horrible Sophomore Slump, he leads the team in passes defended, is on for double the interceptions he got last year, and has played well shifting to safety. Onto the actual award… It can only be number 18. After missing the 2011 season due to injury, Peyton Manning returned to the NFL in a new uniform, but he hasn’t looked any different, with great numbers and leading his team to the top of the AFC West.

Predicted Winner: Peyton Manning – Denver Broncos

Offensive Rookie Of The Year
Last Year’s Winner: Cam Newton
Patriots Candidate: Brandon Bolden

We don’t really have offensive rookies. But undrafted free agent Bolden has impressed, working to get snaps on offense before an injury. However, he’s not in this. Despite Andrew Luck and Ryan Tannehill having better records, RGIII has lit up the NFL. Good passing numbers added to amazing rushing stats for a QB, this is Griffin’s to lose.

Predicted Winner: Robert Griffin III – Washington Redskins

Defensive Rookie Of The Year
Last Year’s Winner: Von Miller
Patriots Candidate: Chandler Jones

If I think Brady can win offensive player of the year, I know Jones can win this one. He leads rookies in both sacks and forced fumbles. I think only Harrison Smith can challenge for this, but this is Jones’s for taking.

Predicted Winner: Chandler Jones – New England Patriots
Our Writers Also Suggest: Jerrell Freeman- Indianapolis Colts

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