No More, No Less

During his weekly interview with Dennis and Callahan on WEEI Radio, Brady says that the Patriots deserve their record of 5-3 going in to the week 9 bye.
I don't think we've played any better than our record. We don't deserve to be anything better than we are.
This 5-3 record sits them atop the AFC East with wins over Buffalo and New York and places them 3rd in the AFC behind Baltimore (5-2) and Houston (6-1).

To be honest... for all the complaints, issues, and injuries that the Patriots have had this season, I don't think we deserve any better or worse of a record either.

Sure we lost all our games by a combined 10 points or so. There are always a play that could have run better or a field goal that could have been made that resulted in a win for New England. But all things considered, where we stand going into the bye after such a great win over the Rams there can't be any complaints, only progress.