Patriots release Deion Branch again, activate Greg Salas

Again with this? To be fair, Branch has done next to nothing since being brought back to the Patriots.

Still, it seems odd that Branch would not be immune to Belichick's constant roster toying. You would think he would at least get the respect of either being on the team or not being on the team. Instead he gets a mini-Ross Ventrone treatment and is juggled around on the roster.

Branch was added to the injury report this week however so this could be a sign that he's simply not healthy enough.

Also could Greg Salas be finally showing something? He's been on the practice squad and maybe he impressed the coaches. Still, it's more likely he's just being brought back on the team for depth.

What are your thoughts on Deion Branch's second release? Is it cruel of Belichick? Sound off in the comments below.