Patriots vs Colts: 1st Quarter as it happened.

All of Pats Nation will be feeling pretty pumped at this time, with the big game against the Colts looming. I'll be chatting about the game live on this page! Just refresh to find out how the games going in my (slightly very biased) words. Give me a follow on Twitter, @BrendanAnnely

Before our game kicks off, let's have a look around the NFL on week 11. Houston have been taken to overtime by the Jaguars. Yes, the JAGUARS. Schaub is taking over at the 20 as I type. Our only other AFC concern is the Jets won at the Rams... A bad way to start Sunday.

Here we go guys! The Pats will kick off, Luck starts with the ball...

Talib makes an immediate impact with his first tackle, but the D can't stop the fullback Hughes on a 3rd and 1. Worryingly big gain for Ballard of 20 yards on a fake end around. Run defense struggled stopping Spiller last week outside the tackles. Oh lord... Here we go. Arrington PI on a deep throw by Luck. Would have been a TD. 1st and goal from the 6. McCourty and Spikes barely stop the first down run, but a Delone Carter run for a yard gives the Colts a 7-0 lead. Worrying. Need Arrington off the defense immediately.

OK Brady, show the rookie how it's done, we start at the 19. Deep shot to a double covered Welker on 2nd and 6, not clever, but nice play of 18 yards to Edelman on 3rd. GRONK ALERT! Massive gain on a seam route for Gronk, and he nearly breaks the tackle on the Colts 25. Another throw to Gronk gives 1st and goal from the 3! And GRONK GETS THE TD on second down!! Another exuberant spike, a kind of hopping before the spike. All tied up at 7-7.

Arrington is out, and Dennard is in. Luck hits Hilton on a screen for 13 and a first, too easy. Urgh, Wilfork misses a tackle that leads to 9 yard gain for Ballard. Struggling to stop Ballard. Jones is down... Not good.

During this break, I'll tell you both the Jags and the Texans kicked field goals in OT, heading for a tie there?? Just 4:13 left. Jones off the field, Cunningham in, the game resumes.

Dennard wraps up Wayne nicely, holds him to 5. Finally a run stop by Spikes/Ninkovich leads to a loss of 3. Oh lord, even Talib can't help. Couldn't cover Brazil for a 25 yard sideline catch. Good throw, good catch, but too easy. Colts on our 30. Ballard keeps bouncing to the outside after missed tackles behind the line... Luck fires a laser to Hilton at the back of the endzone, 14 yard TD. He just gets both knees down. Talib was on the coverage. 14-7 Colts. Everyone ready for a shootout?

Houston have won 43-37... Johnson on a 48 yard catch for the winning TD. Not good news. Pats start at the 25. Brady looks pretty composed in the pocket today, though can't find Lloyd deep. Though Freeney finally gets to Brady, but Tom does well to hit Lloyd for 8. And 12 yards for Welker gets the 1st down. Edleman looks good on the screen, escapes a tackle and picks up the first.

End of the first quarter. 14-7 Colts. Both defenses look unable to stop anything... Going to be a cracker! Here's a link for Quarter 2! Patriots vs Colts 2nd quarter.