Patriots vs Colts: 2nd Quarter as it happened.

Here we are ready for more high scoring. Luck looks composed, Ballard looks like Sweetness reincarnated, but Gronk's doing the business! Pats have the ball at the Colts 39. Remember to keep refreshing for the latest drive by drive updates!

The Pats start with a hold, but recover from a 1st and 20 to get the first down with a Lloyd catch! However the Pats can't convert on the next 3rd down, and Gostkowski misses the 36 yard FG wide right. Still 14-7 Indy...

Colts start at the 26. Chandler Jones has an ankle problem, return is questionable. And its a 3 and out! 2 passes dropped, the Luck finds himself on Wilfork Island, as big Vince blocks the pass.

EDELMAN TD!!! EDELMAN TD!!! On the return, Julian squeezes his way through tacklers and gets the Pats their first punt return TD of the year! 68 yards! And it's tied up at 14-14.

AND A PICK SIX!!!! Oh my Lord!! AQIB TALIB, WELCOME TO NEW ENGLAND! Crazy return, awful throw by Luck, Talib goes to one sideline to the other, getting blocks, and runs back a beauty! 21-14 Pats with 11 minutes left in the half!

Brady and Talib share a joke, and just right too! Well deserved. A 59-yarder by the way. 14 unanswered points in 61 seconds... Luck will try again from the 19. On replay of the pick 6, great work by Wilfork to force the bad throw.

Luck finds Reggie Wayne on a third and short to keep the drive going. Next play, Spikes generates great pressure, but Luck just gets away and just manages to throw it away, great work by Spikes, as per usual. Colts convert another 3rd down, and they are 4/5 on third downs, which needs to change asap. Another big run gain on 1st down, for 9 yards. Ballard fumbled on 2nd and 1, but somehow they recover for the first down. McCourty makes a nice play to break up a Brazill catch, he's looking settled at safety. Luck's under a lot of pressure, can't complete the 3rd and 10. He's looking shaky with some nice blitz packages. Vinatieri makes the 47 yard field goal, its now 21-17 New England.

Brady's back at the 25. Gronk gets a first down immediately for 15 yards! He likes it against the Colts. Welker then picks up 18 for a first. The pats have been getting stuffed on the run, luckily Brady's being Brady. Then Lloyd picks up 14 for a first. Racing down the field. First big running gain, for Vereen, for a first.  No huddle time, as another run goes for 3 yards. A screen doesn't work on second down, 3rd and 7, and the last play before the 2 minute warning. Brady dodges all pressure and fires incomplete.

Two Minute Warning: The Pats will have a short-ish field goal attempt when the game resumes. Still 21-17 New England.

He missed a 36 yarder earlier, but Gostkowski nails a 31 yarder, to regain the 7 point lead. Patriots go 24-17 ahead. Let's see what Luck can do in the two minute drill.

FUMBLE on the ensuing kick off... big scrap to see who has it... Despite what every Pats player thought, it's Colts ball. They'll start at the 10. Illegal contact by Mayo makes it 1st and 10 from the 15. Dennard makes a nice play to prevent a big game for Luck. Timeout Indy after a 7 yard throw to Brown. Unusual decision by Arians. Big completion to Avery at the Indy 40, but he takes a big hit from two Pats, so there'll be a second timeout. Avery looks shaken up.

Luck does well, he was wrapped up, but flipped it to Brown for just a 1 yard loss. Then fires to Allen for the first. Luck has plenty of time, but fires incomplete to Wayne. 32 seconds left, they're at the Pats 44. Luck hits Wayne for a 4 yard gain. 3rd and 6.  Luck goes deeeep and incomplete, too long for Palmer. With 4 seconds left on the clock, they'll go for a long shot to end the half.

Pats call a timeout, and the Colts change their mind. 58 yard FG attempt for Vinatieri. But it's no good for the Pats hero. HALF TIME: It's 24-17 New England!

First Half Summary: It's been a frenetic half, but it's great to see special teams and defense taking some pressure off Brady. Luck is under constant pressure, but is dealing with it well for a rookie QB. Still issues with deep passes, but that's mainly because of Arrington... Offense haven't been able to establish the run, but that's why we have Tommy. He's been picking apart this Colts defense.

After a little break, here'll be a link for the 3rd quarter, enjoy your half time break! 3rd Quarter.