Patriots vs Colts: 4th Quarter as it happened.

Here we are for the 4th. Pats up 38-17, but Colts driving. Remember to refresh to get the updates!

Pick. And SIX!! Alfonzo Dennard with a great play! Jumped the out route, and showed incredible speed to take it to the house! His first NFL TD! Its now New England 45-17 up!!

Now I'm ready to call it game. Four touchdowns up, defense in the mood for turnovers. It's a thrashing.

Luck just about overthrows a certain TD after a first down. Dennard got beat by Brazill. Ballard had been stuffed recently, but gets another big run and first down. Luck goes deep again... This time Hilton catches it and scores. There was a flag, but against the Pats. Talib got beat on a simple go route, and it's a mistake that costs 7. Pats now up 45-24. I won't let myself think the comebacks on...

So the offense comes back on. Let's see how they deal with the three TD lead. Starts with an incomplete pass to Lloyd, and there's a Colts injury Time Out. 12:26 left in the 4th, Pats up by 21. We resume with a 2 yard gain for Ridley, but Brady converts to Gronk for the first. Gronk now has 137 yards and 2 TDs. Brady steps up in the pocket beautifully once again, and finds Welker for the first at midfield. Brady has been so composed all game. And EDELMAN goes again! He nearly adds a rushing TD! Gets to the 4 yard line on an end around, dragging people with him. And Ridley finishes off the job, TOUCHDOWN straight through the middle! A proper demolition. Good to see after too many close finishes. 9 minutes left, 52-24 Patriots!

Thanks to CBS for this: Teams have scored 50+ points 4 times this season. The Pats have now been responsible for 2 of them. And the Colts go three and out. They'll punt... and EDELMAN takes it long again! Doesn't get the TD, but he gets to the Colts 40. He's having a solid game.

Vereen's in at running back, and he's picked up a first down on a screen. Brady moves the chains on third and 7, hitting Welker over the middle. Now at the Colts 12. They'll want to keep the clock running, but Vereen's knocked out of bounds on the outside run. Ploughs through the middle for 3rd and 2 at the 4 yard line. They go shotgun but Brady has to call timeout as the playclock runs out. with just under 4 minutes left, the Pats are cruising to victory...

And immediately after the time out Vereen gets the TOUCHDOWN on the run. The patriots are now tied with their all time scoring record. It's 59-24 New England, tying the snow game against Tennessee in 2009.

Gronkowski is leaving the field, as it's a touchback, surely no offensive starters will be risked if there's another drive. Wayne drops an easy 1st down, but makes up for it on second down, getting 11. And Luck throws for a second first down. And another interception. Tipped pass falls for Tavon Wilson, who runs it back for plenty of yards. Let's see who comes out for the Pats offense, with 2:17 left.

Mallett's in, and he hands it to Vereen, as we hit the Two Minute Warning: pats 59-24 up.

A fun stat for you all here.

The Pats will just run out the clock. And it'll be 4th and 10 after Vereen can't gain anything. Mesko will punt, it's stopped at the 4, and it doesn't look like we'll break the 59 point record...

And Carter runs for a big gain, AND THAT'S THE GAME! The Patriots destroy Luck and the Colts 59-24, and it's a very convincing performance against a team who had the same record as the Pats before the game. The Patritos move to 7-3, and a 3 game lead over all AFC East teams. Next up: The Jets, in New York, on Thanksgiving. It's going to be fun.

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