Patriots vs Colts: 3rd Quarter as it happened.

The Patriots have a lead going into the second half. Sounds about right. It's going to be another squeaker, so let's see if the Pats can improve upon the lead and, more importantly, kill off the Colts. Remember to keep on refreshing for updates!

Before the 2nd half starts, I'm really disappointed the Pats fans at Gillette booed Adam Vinatieri. He's a Patriots hero, by all means make noise, but don't boo. We wouldn't be where we are today without him.

Another solid return, starting at the 25. Brady has always had decent starting position. Ridley stuffed again, the run isn't working on an apparently shocking run D. Brady looks for Lloyd loooong... But it's incomplete. Just too long. And Brady's not happy. Screen to Edelman gets a big gain and a 3rd down conversion. At least the third time they've gone to a Edelman screen.

Welker has been been targeted twice in a row, first incomplete but then for a first. Ridley then gets his first big run, for 12 and a first. He has just 15 yards on 7 carries. GRONK! Caught a ball for 10 yards, but turns it to a huuge gain, first and goal from about the 5! Short gain to Welker, short run by Ridley, 3rd and goal from the 1... TOUCHDOWN Edelman!! He spikes it high for his second TD of the game, Brady's second, and his 20th of the year! Great way to start the second half. 31-17 New England!

Here comes Luck. Pressure on him now to keep up with Brady now. Beautiful run D on first down, no room for Ballard. Ohh Gregory comes close to a pick, Luck throws into double coverage, not clever, but he got Luck-y (pretty pleased that's my first Luck pun). Luck does well on 3rd and 12 holding off Wilfork and Ninko and completing for a first. The kid looks good. Followed by a nice long pass to Wayne, Colts enter Pats territory. On 3rd and 4, tipped in the air for a second time by Vince, and he neeeearly gets the pick. Punted well, and Brady will start from inside the 5. Still 31-17 Pats.

Quick throw to Lloyd for a first down, gets the Pats away from danger of a safety quickly. Two short runs leads to a 3rd and 5. I don't think the lack of Mankins and Connolly are helping this run game... Brady forced into a poor throw by pressure, and Mesko will be in for his first punt.

Unusual punt return by Hilton. Has the ball punched out of his grasp, but he catches his own fumble and gets to their own 25 after a 61 yard punt. Luck fumbles on 3rd down, Ninko (who else??) forces AND recovers!  Luck isn't happy, Brady starts in Colts territory...

And GRONK DOES IT AGAIN!! On the first play, Brady throws down the seam to Gronk, who forces himself over the line. Gronk gets his second TD. 38 - 17 New England!! Now I would say game over, but...

Gronk now has 10 TD's this season, the first ever Tight End to score 10+ TDs in 3 consecutive season. Not bad. Mayo gets a roughing the passer, leading with the helmet penalty... He might be getting another fine for that. Luck is getting no protection, he's saving his skin with good pocket presence. This time for a 3 yard gain, which is then lost on a big run stop. Spikes in the backfield again. But Wayne gets the first. Dwayne Allen then gets a 19 yard gain. Getting further into Pats territory with a T.Y. Hilton first down.

End Of The Thrid: Pats lead 38-17. But the Colts rolling on this drive. However, with Brady playing like this, we'll be fine. However. the 4th quarter struggles can't be forgotten. See you at the 4th: 4th Quarter