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 The New York Jets' most recognized fan, Fireman Ed, got so discouraged during the New England Patriots' destruction of the Jets last night that he left the game at halftime and also deleted his Twitter account.

From ESPN New York:

Fireman Ed, aka Ed Anzalone, apparently couldn’t take the debacle of a second quarter and left at the half. That is according to Twitter users who say they sat in his section. Anzalone’s own Twitter account was deactivated during the game as well. Not a banner night for the team, and not for an icon of a New York Jets fan either.

Former nose tackle and analyst Kris Jenkins noticed. “Fireman Ed deleted his account?” Jenkins tweeted. “Wow thought he was a diehard fan? Guess he went back to the Dolphins.” 

As Kris Jenkins pointed out, I guess Fireman Ed wasn't as much of a diehard fan as everyone thought he was. So much so that someone edited his Wikipedia page to redirect to the entry for "fraud."

Hat tip: Sports Kings

Danielle Hobeika 11/23/2012 03:12:00 PM Edit

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