Tom Brady: 2012 MVP?

Sometimes we take Tom Brady for granted. At the moment, he's being Tom Brady. He's making every throw, not turning the ball over and slicing apart every defense. Just what he does every year. So why do I never hear his name in the mix for league MVP?

Peyton Manning, J.J. Watt, Adrian Peterson are just a few of the names I hear in MVP conversations. But Brady has simply been the man this year. He's had MVP caliber years in 2010, where he won it, and 2011, where he lost to Aaron Rodgers which was fair enough,

Maybe it's because we started 3-3, maybe it's because the media expect this from Brady. But he needs some recognition. His stats are mindblowing. Through 11 games, here are a selection of stats.

2nd in Passer Rating - 105.0
5th in Passing Yards - 3299
4th in Touchdowns - 24
1st in Interceptions - 3
9th in Completion Percentage - 65.1

Oh, and the New England Patriots have the number 1 offense in the NFL in both yards per game and points per game. Just another Tom Brady season.

If the Patriots were unbeaten, surely Brady would be a lock for MVP. But with a sluggish start, he seems to have been overlooked, even by the likes of Matt Ryan... And obviously the headline grabbing rookie performances of Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck, the awful performances of the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Jets, and even stories inside the Patriots (Wes Welker "phased out", Rob Gronkowski/Aaron Hernandez injuries, shocking pass defense), means that Brady's amazing year has been really overlooked.

I think the key test to Tom Brady getting the MVP award will be the prime time games against the Houston Texans and the San Francisco 49ers. If the Patriots win both those games, and finish the season 13-3, I believe Brady has to be the MVP. The stats, the big game wins, the record. All will combine for Brady to win a 3rd NFL MVP title.

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