Baltimore Ravens fire Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron

After losing a crucial second game in a row, the Ravens have fired their offensive coordinator Cam Cameron and replaced him with former Colts head coach Jim Caldwell.

Cameron has often been the subject of much criticism from pundits such as the NFL Network's Michael Lombardi and even often times his own players.

Many times in the past Ravens players have complained about the occasional games where Ray Rice inexplicably sees virtually no touches. Albert Breer reports through twitter that Rice was visibly agitated when the Ravens just took a knee instead of being aggressive and going for the win at the end of regulation.

That "lack of aggression" has often been the criticism of Cameron, who tends to be more conservative in his play calling. It's something that has prevented the Ravens offense from going to that next level. With the Baltimore defense not playing up to it's usual elite level, the team has been forced to rely more on that offense.

As a Patriots fan, I see this as bad news. I'm not sure how it will help the Ravens this year, since Jim Caldwell has never been an offensive coordinator before, but going forward an improved Ravens offensse might spell trouble for the rest of the AFC. Provided of course, that the Ravens make a good hire.

A lot still rests on the shoulders of Joe Flacco, of course, and his competency is still up for debate.