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Unlike other Belichick pupils who went elsewhere and failed, McDaniels’ road led back to Foxboro, where he is serving as offensive coordinator a year after having that same job in St. Louis. Now, as the 2013 coaching carousel approaches, McDaniels’ name is bubbling back onto the list of potential head-coaching candidates.

The first rumor that has landed on our radar screen links McDaniels to Cleveland. Coincidentally, that’s where Belichick ultimately failed as a first-time NFL head coach, before becoming regarded as one of the best ever in New England. As the rumor goes, McDaniels and G.M. Mike Lombardi would come to the Browns as a package deal.

A native of nearby Canton, it’s unclear how McDaniels would be received by Browns fans. The local media already has been bristling at the notion that Lombardi could supplant G.M. Tom Heckert.

And with plenty of coaching jobs expected to be available this season, McDaniels could be lured elsewhere. Perhaps he’d be interested in coaching up Cam Newton, if the Carolina job is open. Or perhaps McDaniels would be willing to work with likely front-office chiefs Jimmy Raye and John Spanos in San Diego, if that also means working with Philip Rivers.

Jacksonville remains an intriguing possibility for McDaniels, given that he could then try to reunite with the quarterback he selected in the first round of the 2010 draft. (You know, the guy in the picture with McDaniels?)

Either way, McDaniels could soon be once again in demand as a head coach, which would make him one of the few members of the FFCA for whom NFL owners may clamor.

So, yeah, Mike Florio came out with this BOMBSHELL. And well, like always, it's just Mike Florio throwing shit against the wall and hoping it sticks. It makes me angry that we even have to address this idiot, but ya know, NBC validated his ass by buying out Pro Football Talk, so now, we get "stories" like this. Does this moron really think they are going to bring Lombardi back to the Browns? Umm, you remember when Browns fans wanted him dead? Yeah, I'm sure that hiring will go over REALLLLLL well. Asshat. And yeah, McDaniels is going to go down to that SHITTY fucking situation in Jacksonville, and relive the coaching mistake that cost him the one job he actually got by bringing Tebow back? Umm, no. Florio is just sensationalizing the interest in McDaniels so all us sheep see the headline and give him views on his shoddy fucking "reporting." Now, maybe there is some interest in McDaniels this summer, but I don't see him leaving this year. There just hasn't been enough time in between him completely ruining that Denver team to now for him to get another look. The one thing he does have going for him is he can always try to play the "I wasn't given enough time to win" card, but honestly, that Denver team was a MESS by the time he left, and I don't think NFL GMs have quite forgotten that yet. I could see him getting a job after next year, but not after this one. But, the biggest thing to remember out of all of this: Mike Florio blows. The end.

As always,

CultOfBelichick 12/10/2012 10:57:00 AM Edit

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