Bill Belichick: Rob Gronkowski "not ready yet"

While Rob Gronkowski returned to the New England Patriots practice on December 14th after breaking his left arm one month prior, it still remains unclear as to when we will see Gronk return to game play. Head coach Bill Belichick gave the media an update today on Gronk's status.

From Comcast Sports Net New England:

"He did more last week than he did the week before," Belichick said. "We'll see where he's at today and tomorrow when we go out there. We'll see what he can do. We'll take it day-to-day. We make decisions day-to-day, based on where he's at. 

"He's moving along; not ready yet."

When the media pressed Belichick as to whether we might see Gronk in the Patriots' final regular season game against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, Belichick stressed that it was a decision that needed to be made by the medical staff and not himself:

"I think those are really decisions that are made medically," Belichick said. "If players are able to play, then we play them; if they're not, then we don't. It's the same for every player. We treat them all the same.

"There's nothing more important than a player's health and safety. When they're clear to play, we make a playing decision. If they're not clear to play, there's no decision to make. Once it's a competitive decision, then that's a coaching decision; if it's a medical decision, it's made by medical people."

I personally hope that they hold Gronk out another week if he isn't deemed medically ready. I would rather have a healthy Gronk for the playoffs than to rush him into our last regular season game against Miami.

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