This shouldn't even be a debate anymore. Brady has to be the 2012 MVP. No it's not Adrian Peterson. No it's not Peyton Manning. It's TB12. Year in and year out Brady puts up numbers that have never been seen before or breaks some sort of monumental record. Well this year he's at it again. Here are some of his stats and ranks from coldhardfootballfacts.com (as of last Sunday) that are seemingly mind boggling:
  • #1 in QB turnovers (4 INT, 0 Fumbles)
  • #2 in Real QB Rating (98.7) Explanation of Real QB Rating here
  • #4 in Offensive Passer Rating (102.3)
  • #4 in Passing TDs (25) Plus add in 3 Rushing
  • #5 Real Passing Yards per Attempt (7.11) Explanation here
  • #6 in Passing Yards (3,537)

Now here is what he is on pace for
  • 7 to 1 TD-turnover ratio is on pace to be the third best single-season mark in NFL history (behind himself and Rogers).
  • About to top 500 points scored for the fourth time in six years.

And Through his career? Oh he's been alright:
  • Led his team to a division title a record 10 times -- and he's done it in just 11 years on the field
  • He's now the first and only quarterback in NFL history to win 100 more games than he's lost
I don't think there is a doubt in my mind that Brady is MVP. If anyone else wins this award then it's bullshit. A sob story for AP or a stroke of the sack for Manning would be the only reason one of them wins this award.

Maybe we should start calling Brady "Tommy Football".

iedlund 12/11/2012 12:39:00 PM Edit

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