The Buffalo Bills fired head coach Chan Gailey on Monday after three disappointing seasons.

Gailey was 16-32 as head coach in Buffalo. Gailey was often maligned for having poor defenses, questionable game management and erratic quarterback play during his tenure. His handling of dynamic tailback C.J. Spiller also was a point of contention in Buffalo.

If I told you before the season that after 17 weeks of football, the Miami Dolphins would look like they had the most promising future of the non-Patriots AFC east teams, you'd probably laugh at me.

Miami was a heavy favorite to be really really terrible this year. It was believed that the combination of new coach, a rookie quarterback that was thought to be starting way too soon and no wide receivers would be a disastrous season for Miami. While it's not like the Dolphins were in contention for the playoffs or anything, their 7-9 record earned them second place in the AFC East.

Tannehill also played much much better than expected as the Dolphins actually gave playoff teams like the 49ers, Patriots, Seahawks, Colts and Bengals fits. There's hope in Miami that they can build off of this year for a solid future. After his rookie year, Tannehill is definitely the best quarterback in the AFC East not named Tom Brady. He at least has shown some great potential. That's even despite getting shut out by the Patriots yesterday.

In New York and Buffalo? Yeah, things didn't quite go as expected. Bot finished 6-10 and the Jets' GM was canned earlier today. Now Bills coach Chan Gailey it out.

Buffalo was a very popular sleeper pick to make the playoffs. After bringing in Mario Williams and Mark Anderson (why did that get so much press again?) the Bills had a dangerous defensive front on paper. It turned out to only be just that, on paper.

The excuse for Ryan Fitzpatrick being bad last year was that he had a shoulder injury. That was exposed for what it was as Fitzpatrick also wasn't that much better this year, though his interceptions did go down from 23 to 16. Still, it's likely the Bills will start looking for another quarterback.

There's plenty of talent on the Buffalo Bills, but they haven't been able to put it together into wins. Perhaps they never will. Patriots fans wouldn't have it any other way.

Michael Saver 12/31/2012 02:22:00 PM Edit

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