The march begins. FINALLY. I just want to give a special shout out to the Texans for being absolute jokes, and making my article from November seem a little more poignant. So, at that time, the Pats had just barely squeaked past the Bills 37-31 and everyone was sounding the alarm. But, as always, I had to be the voice of reason. Let's have a look back at this (let me gloat) and dig further into the potential opponents.

Baltimore? Uh, their defense is old and no longer any good. Their offense doesn't give the ball to Ray Rice enough, and Joe Flacco is not consistent, or good, enough to take down real QBs in the playoffs.

So, yeah. Nailed that one. Baltimore is on the decline, and I have Indy coming in there and upsetting the dying Ravens. Bold 2013 Prediction: The Ravens miss the playoffs. They are old, Flacco sucks, time to rebuild. Not everyone can rebuild with 13-3 years like the Patriots.

Pittsburgh? This team has come on recently, and before last night, I would have listed them as a team I was afraid of. But, after that stinker they put up against KC (the worst team in the last few years) combined with Big Ben potentially having a separated shoulder and being out for a few weeks, they no longer worry me.


Houston? Eh. Schaub doesn't scare me. That defense has seriously cooled off. Watt was playing like a monster, but he has come back to earth. They do not have a team that can come back. They have one of the lightest lines in the league that was specifically designed for their zone run-blocking scheme that emphasizes quickness over bulk, and they are not that great in pass blocking. They just aren't. You get up a TD on them in the playoffs? It's over.

So, did I call this or did I call this? The Texans were 9-1 at the time, and just coming off a victory against the Bears. Everyone was sucking their dicks at the time, but CHA-BOI was right on point as always. Anyone still scurred of the Texans? Didn't think so.

Denver? We already stomped them. For whatever reason, we have Denver's number. They are probably the most even team out there with a superstar QB, but for whatever reason, we rape them. Not scared.

Still stand by this. I AM NOT SCARED OF DENVER. We can easily go in there to Mile High and take them bitches down. Don't be fooled by the 31-21 score from earlier this year. That game was not a close game. We ABSOLUTELY raped them. We were up 31-7 with less than 5 minutes to go in the third before we pulled the foot off the pedal. "Yeah, but the Broncos are on a huge winning streak!" Uhhh, have you seen the teams they've played since the Pats? Chargers, Saints (early, when they were still struggling mightily), Bengals (before they went on their recent tear), Panthers (when Cam was still sucking), Chargers again, Chiefs, Bucs, Raiders, Ravens (in the middle of their recent swoon), the Browns, and then the Chiefs again. They legit haven't played anyone playing good, solid, football since they got smoked by the Pats. That is a recipe for disaster.

So now, there are a couple teams in there that we didn't expect to see midseason in Indy and the Bengals, but honestly, they aren't even worth discussing here. We just got finished pummeling Andrew Luck's ugly-ass mug, and the Bengals just are not built to keep up with the Patriots. Just can't do it. Check back tomorrow, or maybe later today, or maybe Wednesday for the look at the NFC, depending on how much I slack at my real job today and how hungover tomorrow I make myself tonight.

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Look at that ugly fucker

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