Are you kidding me?

CBS Boston:

Miami’s defense proved incapable of stopping or even slowing the Patriots’ rushing attack, and it cost the Dolphins a chance at winning. Despite their own inability to do their jobs, some Dolphins are claiming the Patriots were being “disrespectful” with their strategy.

“It really (ticked) me off. It was disrespectful to us to run the same play over and over and be successful,” defensive tackle Tony McDaniel told the Palm Beach Post’s Brian Biggane. “Normally when somebody’s driving down the field you just think, ‘Well, they just had a good run there,’ but you run the same play over and over, as a competitor that (ticks) me off.”

Randy Starks, McDaniel’s defensive linemate, agreed, though he didn’t seem to blame the Patriots for doing what they did.

I honestly don't know what to say to this other than Tony McDaniel is a complete idiot.

Oh, so the Dolphins couldn't stop the Patriots running game, so the Pats were supposed to just stop then? God forbid they hurt the poor Dolphins feelings by running the clock out and winning the game. I guess they probably should've just thrown an interception just to make the fucking Dolphins feel better.

Also, who's to say the Patriots only actually ran one play? Remember the Bills players thought the Patriots were only running three running plays against them when Pats players said it was more like 15.

Tony McDaniel's never going to have a long career in the NFL if he gets his pannies in a bunch over something as stupid as this.

If you have a problem with it, stop it. That's your job. Idiot.

Michael Saver 12/08/2012 02:14:00 PM Edit

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