Gluten Free Pizza

Sometimes special team player can make or break a game here is a special play for those football fans out there that have gluten allergies or just want to try something different.

Do you want pizza made exactly to suit your taste? Top these pizza bases with anything you wish, pop them in the oven and voilĂ ! You have an original Italian pizza with a personal touch!
The ideal starting point to satisfy your pizza craving. Schar’s basic crust allows you to create the pizza of your choice anytime you want in only 15 minutes. More info on this and Gluten free at www.stevesacooking.com

• tomato sauce
• Mushroom broken into pieces
• Cherry tomato slice in half
• Feta cheese crumbled
• Baby spinach
• Olives cut in half
• Pepper to taste ( Lyn’s a pepper head)
Basically pile on what you want and follow the directions on box, I use a pizza stone.
350 degrees 15 minutes done!

Michael Saver 12/08/2012 01:59:00 PM Edit

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