New England Patriots rally from 31-3 to tie but lose 41-34

This was a sloppy one. I don't think I've seen a game this bad since.... 2002 maybe. That being said, the Patriots already have the division locked up, are missing Gronk, and going up against one of the best teams in the league, the team I personally think is number 2. Some points:

Chandler Jones hasn't had the same sort of impact since his injury. He's getting almost no pressure.

Brady has made some bad plays, but the touchdown saving tackle he made was actually the first tackle of his career. Just an interesting tidbit.

Kaepernick played well for so long, but made a rookie mistake on a PA boot. Gotta see that other high safety.

The secondary has played like crap all game, but you have to consider that Aqib Talib and Alfonzo Dennard were both injured against the Texans. I wouldn't put too much weight on their play today.

The front 7 looks mediocre against the run. Frank Gore has torn them up all night, and LaMichael James (Rookie out of Oregon) has had some success on the ground as well.

The offensive line hasn't played very well, but starting at the end of the 3rd they did a hell of a job. Kudos.

The Patriots really got a gut check. They were tested by an insane pass rusher in Aldon Smith, a wildcard at QB, and they managed to get it together and play them hard. When you have the fire that is Tom Brady running your team, no lead is insurmountable.

The Pats dominated. As was said, once Brady turns it on, it's almost impossible to turn him off. He converted two 4th downs, one being his 4th rushing touchdown of the season.

Brandon Lloyd put on his big boy pants tonight. Last I checked, he had 7 receptions for 145 yards, and he surpassed that easily. He is definitely the deep ball threat that I thought he was, even though he hadn't impressed until the Houston game. I'm very happy with his ability to take the top off of this Niners D.

After 28 unanswered, the Patriots reminded me that they don't know how to tackle. It's fundamental football fellas. Step it up.

Wes Welker took a while, but thank you for getting going buddy. You add a completely different dimension to the offense.

You can't give up back to back sacks. Tom Brady had only been sacked 20 times coming into this game. You've got to give him some time.

The Patriots took over with 3:09 left to play, and 2 timeouts. But a hold backed Brady and company up to the 4 yard line. That killed the drive, and cost the Pats the game sadly. Questionable play calling was a factor as well. Not running the ball on 3rd and 2 in 4 down territory is just mental.

David Akers making the kick virtually iced the game, though Tom Brady has come back from worse. Two touchdowns to Benjamin Watson allowed the Pats to overcome an 11 point deficit against Buffalo with about 2 minutes left a few years ago.

And it's official, the Patriots managed to blow the game away. Gostkowski made the field goal, but the onside kick failed.

The Niners beat the Pats in Foxborough, 41-34.

by Mo Perez