So, all year, or at least since everyone realized Matt Ryan was a fraud, Peyton has inexplicably been leading the MVP race. This has made NO sense to me whatsoever. I could not understand how Peyton could possibly be ahead of TB12 in the race. Like did people forget about turnovers all of a sudden? It just made no sense to me. Like yeah, I get it media, Peyton is such a nice guy and is super media friendly and his comeback is a good story. But really, that is all it takes? Like have people completely forgotten about turnovers? Do they not matter anymore? Since when is a QB with three times as many turnovers, and basically the exact same other statistics more valuable than the one that can hold onto the ball? Peyton has 10 picks plus 2 fumbles. Twelve turnovers. TWELVE. Brady has 4. Yes, four. One, two, ah threheeeeeee, four.

"Yeah, but 3 of those INTs came in one quarter in week 2, 2 others came in another bad quarter."
Yeah, well then, why don't we just start ticking off the Seattle game where Brady had two picks. Or the tipped pass he had picked off. I don't care when or how you threw the picks. You threw the damn picks. They count. If you don't want to count the beginning of the season, let's call it "The Most Valuable Player of Everything But The First Few Games."

"Peyton completely turned DEN around."
Umm. In what world are they completely turned around? They made the playoffs and WON A PLAYOFF GAME LAST YEAR. How is that completely turned around? Yes, he turned them better than they were before, but it's not like he took over the fucking Chiefs, or some equally garbage franchise, and turned them into something amazing. No, the Broncos had a great head coach in John Fox, a young defense that had its ups and downs last year, but did show some signs of being dominant. I just don't get how he completely turned them around. If they had a whole offseason to work around Tebow's skills with him as the starting QB, yeah maybe they aren't 10-3, but is there any way they are worse than 8-5? I just don't see it.

"Peyton's got his team 10-3 w/ the 2nd hardest schedule in the NFL. Brady's got the same record with the EASIEST"
This is all based on preseason SOS ratings, which everyone knows are complete bullshit. I will say, the Broncos probably had a little harder schedule as the NFC South and NFC West are both solid divisions, and the Broncos with the AFC South v AFC North competition, because of the Cincy/Pitt/Browns combo is harder than the Jacksonville/Tennessee/Indy combo (both teams played HOU and BAL), but BARELY. Their schedules are negligible and not enough to change the race one way or the other

So, yeah. Peyton, does not deserve to be over Brady at all. Then, once you factor in AP's season (he is averaging 3.9 yards per carry AFTER FIRST CONTACT), you gotta go AP over Manning as well. Personally, I got him dead even with Brady. If AP makes it to 2,000 yards, I want co-mvps. Otherwise, we slide it to Brady. As always, follow me @CultOfBelichick. Also, my man @ryanoaking was the impetus for much of this blog, so give him a follow too if you want.

CultOfBelichick 12/12/2012 04:19:00 PM Edit

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