Richard Sherman tweaks Patriots fans after being cleared of suspension

Never shy to exchange words, Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman and Patriots fans have had a battle going back and forth all season since the Seahawks defeated the Patriots in Week 6. Most recently this was over the fact that Sherman was facing a suspension for using PEDs (handed out back on November 25th). He appealed and today it was announced that he won and will not be suspended. He was obviously ecstatic about that and, after all the grief Patriots fans have been giving him, he had a nice note for them on twitter.

As just noted, the saga between Patriots fans and Sherman started after the Seahawks beat the Patriots 24-23 in Week 6. Sherman ended up with an interception in that game. After the game, the Seahawks corner apparently went up to Brady and talked some trash. He then took to twitter to trash talk him some more, posting the below picture and a few other choice words.

Obviously, Tom Brady doesn't have a twitter account, but that didn't stop Patriots fans from coming to his defense in that lovely "internet as your disguise" mean kind of way.

Things only escalated when Richard Sherman was first "suspended" for PEDs. This gave many Patriots fans the opportunity to rag on Sherman some more, bombarding his twitter account with picture such as this:

Sherman took note, acknowledging the hate on twitter (One of the stronger attributes of us Boston fans is that we are so good at hating other players, never gets mentioned).

Sherman certainly hasn't forgotten and made sure to give a shout out to Patriots fans today in his shining moment. There's a real chance the Patriots and Seahawks could meet again in the Super bowl, if that happens I'm sure this story will get a lot of play.

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