The New England Patriots biggest offensive weapon (literally) was thought lost for likely the regular season back in Week 11. At the end of a blowout of the Indianapolis Colts, Gronkowski was in for a meaningless extra point when a freak incident occured - breaking his forearm.

The recovery time put him as likely to return in Week 16 at the earliest, but most likely he wouldn't be back until the playoffs.

Turns out Gronk is trying to maybe move that time table up a little bit.

This would be half amazing and half not amazing from a Patriots perspective.

Honestly, the Pats have not really felt the effects of missing Gronk yet. It certainly hasn't kept them from winning games.

I understand how significant the Sunday night game against San Francisco game is, and even if Gronk does practice he probably won't play in that game. Still, the opinion of medical experts at the time was that if he came back too early he could cause some serious damage (Here's that warning). I would rather have Gronk close to 100% for the playoffs, that's when the team will really need him.

Michael Saver 12/12/2012 09:18:00 AM Edit

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