Whatsup with Seabass?

So....yeah...Vollmer was not great on Sunday. His freaking back is the bane of my existence. As a dude with back problems, I feel his pain. When my back is not right, I am useless as shit. And, well, let's just say calling Vollmer useless on Sunday would be an insult to Kim Kardashian (get it? because she's a useless piece of shit, get it? GET IT?!? OK, moving on).

Well, Mikey Reiss went in a little detail on his post.
Vollmer was inactive for the Nov. 22 Thanksgiving win over the Jets (he’s been listed with back and knee injuries), and was a game-time decision for Sunday’s AFC East-clinching win over the Dolphins (he played but wasn’t up to his usual high standards)...

Vollmer, who missed most of training camp while recovering from an offseason procedure on his back, wore a knee brace as he was tested by doctors on the field prior to Sunday’s game. He was beaten by Dolphins end Cameron Wake for one crunching sack of quarterback Tom Brady, and had a holding penalty earlier in the game.

So....yeah. That hit by Wake was baaaaaaad. Real bad. The thing that really sucks about this is that at the halfway point of the season, there was a LOT of talk that he was a 1st team All Pro RT. The rapid decline is shocking, and this PFF article is a great read if you want to go into a ton of detail on how exactly Wake destroyed Vollmer.

BUT, the big thing is health with Vollmer.

Everyone knows that he is a top RT in the game when healthy. But, at 6'8", it's tough to keep that back healthy. I really don't know what the course of action is here, because I don't get the feeling that sitting him for a few weeks is going to do anything, when sitting him for the whole off-season didn't really do anything. I think if you are going to ride with Vollmer as your starting RT, you need to have a SOLID swing tackle (ala Nate Solder last year) to step up because his back is prone to flare-ups.

Unless he goes all Kobe on us and goes back to Germany to get some crazy illegal-in-america surgery, I think this is what he is going to be for the rest of his career. It sucks, it just really sucks, cuz when he's right, it puts this offense on a whole notha level.

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