Bill Belichick, never known for being the type to deliver a headline quote, had some pretty awesome things to say.

No he didn't go up on the podium and pull a Shaugnessy saying how the Texans were frauds. He was still pretty much Bill Belichick, doing his normal thing of saying absolutely nothing. However, today he maybe said absolutely nothing in the coolest ways possible. If that makes any sense.

Here's the first one.

“I think all the previous games are pretty meaningless. I think it’s a bunch of garbage.”

That one he dished out to the Houston media on a conference call, while hammering home the point that something that happened in December has no effect on a game in January. You would think that pretty obvious point wouldn't be lost on anyone, yet we can't help ourselves from linking the two games together.

One of the major worries of Patriots fans since Dan Shaugnessy's jinx has been that the Texans would be too pumped up for this game. They'd have the revenge factor plus the nobody believes in us factor. Essentially, Patriots fans are worried that the 2010 upset loss to the Jets will happen again.

While pundits like Scott Zolak and Shaugnessy are more than happy to look past the Texans, it's doubtful that Belichick's squad is going to just lay back. Which brings us to another great quote form Belichick today, maybe the best all year.

Nicely put, Bill.

This is probably one of the best parts of Belichick being your coach - you don't necessarily have to worry about the team being focused. He's going to keep the players humble and fixed on the challenge in front of them.

Next, Bill moved on to dissecting that challenge and delivered another good more Belichick-like quote. When you talk about the Texans, how can you not talk about Arian Foster?

That just about sums it up.

To be fair I'm pretty sure Bill's been asked that question this year about sixty times seeing as they already faced the team once this year.

Anyway, good stuff from Bill. Hopefully we'll see good stuff from the team this Sunday. Can't wait.

Michael Saver 1/09/2013 01:46:00 PM Edit

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