So there is some speculation spreading around about why the Patriots could be exploring the idea of trading backup quarterback Ryan Mallett. Mallett was the number one QB on the Patriots draft board in the 2011 NFL draft. Praised as a first-round talent, he actually fell to Pats in the third-round presumably because teams were worried about his off-field issues; he was arrested once for public intoxication.

Anyways, Mallett could have been a starting quarterback for numerous teams, and with starting QB Tom Brady not missing a beat, it wouldn't be shocking if the Patriots decided to listen to some offers. Before the draft, NFL analyst Mike Lombardi had very high praise for the Arkansas quarterback. Lombardi also has solid relationship with Patriots coach Bill Belichick. After Lombardi got the VP of Player Personnel, the Boston Globe's Greg Bedard tweeted this;

"For Patriots fans, Mike Lombardi getting Cleveland personnel job puts possible Ryan Mallett trade back on front burner."
An ESPNBoston.com article also mentioned that Lombardi was never the biggest fan of the Browns drafting Brandon Weedon, and even went as far as saying that the team's decision to draft the QB was "panicked disaster".  So now the Patriots have a decision to make.

Mallet is currently 24 years-old and teams will more than likely give the Pats a call about him. As much as any fan hates to admit it though, Brady doesn't have too many years left. Do the Patriots trade Mallet and worry about their future QB later? Or they could keep him and groom him into eventually taking over after Brady, in a scenario that would hopefully be like Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay.

Anthony Aidonidis 1/30/2013 06:38:00 PM Edit

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