Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Fouts believes Tom Brady is getting a little help from the referees. When speaking on CBS Sports Network, Fouts had this to say:
“Tom Brady has to be protected to be effective. He’s protected better than anybody — not only by his offensive line, but sometimes, by those guys in the striped shirts.”
Fouts says more, but first I have to point out that analysts and fans take shots at Tom Brady for his continuous success in the playoffs. You don't hear any of this bullshit about Mr. Peyton Manning because Mr. Tom Brady doesnt choke year after year in the playoffs(the Patriots losing in the playoffs doesn't mean Brady choked).

Now back to Dan Fouts comments. Regarding the AFC championship game this Sunday, he said:
“If you’re the Baltimore Ravens, you have to get Tom Brady’s uniform dirty. If you don’t get him on the ground, if you don’t get him beat up and thinking about the pass rush, moving around the pocket and get him off his spot, you do not have a chance. If he has a clean uniform at the end of the game, that is not a good sign for [the Ravens].”
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Joe Loubier 1/15/2013 08:16:00 PM Edit

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