Joe Flacco is a dope, we all know this, but he is playing for more than just a Super Bowl this year. Flacco’s contract is up at the end of this year and he and his agent think (out loud) he’s a top 5 elite quarterback and on Sunday he’ll aim to prove just that against the Pats always questionable secondary.

So far Joe Flacco leads all 2012 playoff quarterbacks in total QBR throwing 5 TD’s and no interceptions and these numbers aren’t just a fluke. In games against the Patriots Flacco has had a higher QBR than Brady in the last 3 going back to 2010. These statistics are often skewed because the Pats have had a less than stout defense since 2010 while the Ravens have remained at the top so the statistics are not in a vacuum. Brady has also won 2 out of those 3 games so total QBR might just be a pointless statistic, but one can’t ignore the effect Joe Flacco is having on the field these playoffs. So far he has outplayed Manning and Luck in both games and led his team to victories bringing us to the current day when he’ll go up against a very different Patriots defense than the one he saw in October.

I whole heartedly disagree with him being a top 5 QB, but he has a monster arm and has been able to play effectively in important games. He’s not the type of guy that is going to take over a game and win it for you, but Flacco has a monster arm doing most of his damage on deep throws. His effectiveness can be greatly reduced if you force him to work his way down the field because the more throws he makes the more he will turn the ball over. In the 2012 season Flacco turned it over 19 times with 10 interceptions and 9 fumbles and if anything keeps you from being elite it is your ability to take care of the football and it’s tough to win playing like that. He’s got a million dollar arm and a 10 cent head comparable to Brett Favre and though Favre won the Super Bowl once that was in a different time and he never sustained it which is what will ultimately happen to Flacco.
Flacco is not a bad QB, he’s just not too good and when you make a statement like you are a top 5 elite QB you better be ready for game time because the Pats see that stuff too and the Patriots main goal will be to make Joe Flacco look like the number 32 ranked QB on Sunday. A team that is run first plays right into the Patriots hand (Pats ranked number 9 against the run) and in a day when QB’s rule the NFL and its post season it will be interesting to see if a team like the Ravens can break through and win the big one lacking that hall of fame kind of QB. You have to be crazy if you think this game is going to be a blowout and I even see situations where the Ravens could win. It will be a hard fought battle to the end as I’m sure Brady and the Pats know and this just could be Flacco’s year. Players have been known to have their best career numbers when a contract is on the line; just keep that in mind.

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