It was revealed earlier in the week that Ed Reed will push back his retirement and continue his NFL career. Well, news is coming out from NBCSports now that the Baltimore Ravens will likely let the legendary free-safety enter free agency. Naturally the question rises, could the Patriots be interested?

Anybody who knows Bill Belichick well enough would know that he has almost a man-crush on Reed. I think we've seen Belichick give just as much (if not more) praise to Reed than any other player he's ever spoken of; "Everything he does, he does at an exceptional level." Bill is never scarce with the complements for Reed. He approaches Reed before games just to tell him how great he is! Seriously watch the following video at about the 29 minute mark.

Belichick is literally blushing and acting like Reed's biggest fan... and to be honest he probably is. Also, in case you haven't seen this before, here's Brady talking to Bill about Ed Reed (also from the NFL Network's "A Football Life")

In reality, I think the question should be changed from 'Could the Pats be interested?', to 'Why wouldn't they be?!" Ed Reed is easily one of the greatest free-safety's of all time, and the argument could be made that he is best. OK, maybe he asks for more money than the Patriots are comfortable with, but come on... this is Ed Reed! Even Belichick gushes when he sees this guy play! The Patriots aren't often in the hunt for big-name free agents, but I seriously believe that they will be all-in on Reed. If my word isn't good enough for you, check out the NBCSports article I posted above. Peter King of Sports Illustrated thinks it's possibility too.

Anthony Aidonidis 1/28/2013 04:59:00 PM Edit

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