Who wants to see Tom Brady in an Arizona Cardinals uniform?

Well, he pulls it off. Just like he does most things. And one writer from a Massachusetts paper says it would benefit the New England Patriots if he was actually in one next season. Yes, seriously.

Now, before you call him crazy, let's look at his arguments, and then give reasonable responses that prove his craziness.
Deal him. Deal him now, while you can have access to some really high bidders.
Brady, even at age 35, should command a deal of at the least Ricky Williams proportions (somebody’s entire draft) or maybe even to the extremes that the Vikings paid Dallas for Herschel Walker (two 1sts, two 2nds, two 3rds).

Well, there's a reason he'd command that kind of trade. Because he's one of the best Quarterbacks to play the game, and even now at 35, he's in the top 5. And of course, while all teams would love to have these draft picks, the Patriots aren't really in full rebuild mode. There are so many other teams that would benefit a lot more from an abundance of draft picks than the Patriots.

After this point, he lists a bunch of reasons why the Cardinals would want Brady. The main reason for Arizona wanting Brady would be that even Mark Sanchez would be an upgrade for them. It's not rocket science.

I’m not saying Brady has tumbled back to the pack of decent to good quarterbacks. But he hasn't won a playoff game on his own for this franchise since the Super Bowl championship years.
The move fits, if not for the entire franchise, but for Belichick, who at times appears uneasy with this pass-happy product we have come to know, adore and be summarily disappointed by in the playoffs.
For the legendary coach, it’s an opportunity to win a title without Brady. We know how driven the coach is to cement his spot in history. Winning a title with a quarterback not named Brady unites him with his ex-boss Bill Parcells, who won championships with Phil Simms and then Jeff Hostetler running the show. It ends the “Brady vs. Belichick” discussion.

OK. Hands up if you think Bill Belichick gives a damn how he gets rings? Hands up if you think he cares about being labeled a "legendary coach". The pass happy game has won Belichick a lot of football games. A LOT. I think he likes anything that wins him football games.

Replacing Brady would be a chore. But it can happen. Better yet, you don’t have to replace him, just find a quarterback 75 percent as good as Brady, who can run an offense.

Yeah, there are players 75% as good as Brady just hanging around everywhere you look. I think this guy has forgotten just how good Tom Brady is. Not just on game day, but the whole week before a game, the whole offseason. This is a guy who owned the car park space reserved for the best/most hard working trainer until he decided to pass it on. We heard quotes about how Brady was preparing for the San Francisco 49ers game over a month before the game was played. And you think there's a guy like that waiting to get on a team? And there's a guy as smart as Brady, who can pick apart exactly what a defense is doing and adjust to get the best match up? A guy who can run the no huddle like Brady can?

He seems to think Alex Smith and Matt Cassell would be suitable replacements.

The Patriots are 7-7 over their last 14 playoff games with a defense that has “improved” from 32nd to 31st to 27th overall in the last three seasons. 

Right. You're calling the defense bad. Fair enough. Here's how to sort it out: Get rid of the guy who gets your team the 30 odd points a game they need to win games with a leaky defense. Doesn't seem smart.

The defense is improving. It's young. The linebacking group is scary. We're missing 1 DT to make that front 7 one of the best in the league. As for the secondary, if Aqib Talib stays, we're missing a safety and a 3rd CB. The potential is there in the defense. But for the next few years, the offense will need to support it. And how long has Brady got left in the tank? Another few years... Then, when we replace Brady (when he retires), the defense can step up, while we switch to a more run based offense with Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen? Sound good? Good.

"But Coach, I like playing in New England. Don't send me to Arizona..."

Now, I don't condemn this guy for writing this piece, like most Pats fans have. in fact, I applaud it. He's thought about it, came up with some reasons why trading Brady would be good for the team. But frankly, all this talk has come about from Brady losing one game. And blaming Brady for the loss of that game is ridiculous.

The thought of looking at a 35 year old Quarterback who threw for 4,800 yards, 34 TDs and just 8 picks, who's reached the Super Bowl one year, followed by the AFC Championship game the next, is absurd. The kid can still play. The Patriots haven't won the big game since 2004. But Brady is the reason behind the consistency of being in the mix every year. And if you still want to be in the mix, you need #12.

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