If you think there is even a slight chance Randy Moss comes back, you are dumb

ESPN - Boston
So now we fast-forward to 2013. Moss is scheduled for unrestricted free agency and Pro Football Talk is reporting he'd like to play again.

The Patriots' equivalent to Moss in terms of No. 3 role this past season was Deion Branch, who played almost the same percentage of snaps as Moss. He is also a free agent (key stats: 16 catches, 145 yards, 0 TDs).

In terms of each receiver's skill set at this stage of their careers, one could make the case that Moss' vertical presence would be a better fit with the Patriots next season (the vertical element has been lacking since Moss' departure). If the Patriots could be assured that they'd be getting the Moss locker room presence of 2007/2012, and not the Moss of 2010, perhaps it would be an option they'd consider in a reshaped receiver corps that will also likely include an infusion of youth.

Just thinking out loud.

First off, what planet am I on that Deion Branch was the No 3 receiver? 1. Welker 2. Lloyd 3. Edelman 4ish/not on the team. Branch. Second off, THERE IS NO FUCKING WAY RANDY MOSS IS COMING BACK TO THE PATRIOTS. GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULLS. If they wanted him back, they would have taken one of the 9 million chances they have had to re-sign him. They soured on him. It happened. I know you all think it is 2007, but it's not. Randy Moss has done all of what this season? Yeah, he is on the Niners, who are likely to win the championship, but is that because of him? HELL NO. "But he stretches the field." Dude, he's gonna be 36 next year, and he's been single covered all year and hasn't done anything. Why do we want him back? I DONT GET IT! AHHHHHHH RANDY MOSS YOU WILL DRIVE ME CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

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