If you had lost to the same team twice, would that make you even more motivated to win the next chance you got? That's how Brandon Spikes (linebacker, #55) feels about the Patriots' chance to advance in the postseason.

I'm sure all of the Patriots are still feeling the loss of last year's Super Bowl, and that will only make them work harder during this postseason to make sure they get chance to redeem themselves. It looks like they already have a pretty good chance, they only have to win 2 more games to make it to the Super Bowl. The two games will be against the Houston Texans and whoever wins the Ravens-Broncos game. The Patriots spent their bye week resting up and preparing for the individual strengths of the Texans' personnel, so that they can go further in the postseason. The last time the Patriots played the Texans in Foxboro, it was a blowout 42-14 game (Patriots). Some sources say that you could expect to see a similar game, but others say that this game will be very, very different. All of us Pats fans will be on the edge of our seats for most of the game, and I'm very excited to watch this game!

Patriots and Texans during their last matchup

Elisa Moore 1/08/2013 05:20:00 PM Edit

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