There's no doubt in any New England Patriots fan's mind that Wes Welker should be in the NFL Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, our opinions mean nothing when it comes down to him actually getting in or not. Welker himself has proved that he belongs there and it would be hard to imagine that he wouldn't get in. Even still, WEEI's Christopher Price raised a valid point;

". . . with a title, the 31-year-old could further distinguish himself from a crowded field of legendary receivers who are still without a ring, and open up a serious national debate on his Hall of Fame candidacy."

Since coming to New England, Welker has more receptions than any other player during that time span in addition to being the Patriots's all-time leader in that category. He is also top five in the league in reception yards since 2007. With all that being said, voting on wide receivers for the Hall of Fame is tricky. As Christopher Price mentioned, postseason performance ranks similarly to regular season accolades. Welker has great postseason stats...
"in seven postseason games, has 53 catches for 438 yards and three touchdowns, including 27 catches for 213 yards in the 2007 postseason"

What sucks the most is that as of now, the most memorable moment of Welker's postseason career is this...

When it comes down to it, most football fans know that Welker's career will be defined by his dedication and hard-working mentality on top of the fact that he's a catching machine that has the guts to go across the middle of the field again and again and again. We all know that this drop shouldn't be a factor in him making the Hall of Fame or not. With that being said, if Welker could get his hands on a Super Bowl ring, he would be put in a category that even greats like Randy Moss and Terrell Owens aren't a part of...

Welker would be a champion.

Anthony Aidonidis 1/08/2013 05:31:00 PM Edit

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