God, like we didn't need another jinx.

I hate when people do this, because what's the point? It just makes me think of the Lakers in 1969 with their balloons in the rafters and the flyers on all the seats saying "When the Lakers beat the Celtics..." Thanks!

Of course the jinx talk proved to be empty calories last week. Dan Shaugnessy wrote that the Texans would be easy, fans like me got upset at him, then the Patriots blew them out anyway. So, maybe this won't mean anything. The Ravens are an emotional team though, and if anythings going to pump them up even more, it's this.

Other than the people that made this billboard, I don't think any Patriots fans are thinking this game is a guarantee. The Ravens have been playing great, and it seems like they and their quarterback have gotten hot at the absolutely perfect time.

There's no guarantees here.

Michael Saver 1/16/2013 01:41:00 PM Edit

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